Easter Egg Cookie Box – Top Easy Snack Food Design For Cheap Party Decor Project

  1. For each “cookie box” you will need two full cookies (large) and two cookie “rings” (large cookies that have had a the centers cut out).
  2. Prepare dough and cutout cookies with the larger of two egg shaped cookie cutters. Cut out and bake only large cookies. If you remove the center “cutout” before baking and bake just “outer rings” the “rings” will bake up larger than the large cookies that they need to be later matched to.
  3. When the cookies are baked, allow to cool a few minutes on the baking sheet, then for half of the cookies, use the smaller cookie cutter to cut out the center of cookies. The cookies are quite delicate when they are warm. I would suggest pressing the smaller cutter into the baked cookies, but leave the center cutout intact until the cookies fully cool. Carefully move the cookies to a cooling rack and allow the cookies to cool fully before removing the center cutout. If the outer “ring” breaks when removing the cutout, simply press back together and it can still be used. You can use a bit of royal icing to “glue” it together for use.
  4. Prepare royal icing. For the design shown I only made white icing. Feel free to prepare any colors you like. If you are concerned about the icing showing between the cookie layers, feel free to prepare some dark brown icing (although I had very little problem with the icing showing). If desired, you could also use melted chocolate to “glue” the layers together.

Decorate the box “lid” (one full, large cookie):

  1. Outline and flood your cookies using white icing. Allow the cookies to fully dry (overnight).
  2. While the cookies are drying, make a stencil using cardstock paper. I used and exacto knife and a ruler and cut strips that were 1/2 inch wide, and at least an inch longer than the width of the cookie. Very lightly spray your chosen color over the entire cookie.
    Once the first layer of color has dried (maybe 10 minutes), place your stencil at a diagonal across the cookie (as pictured). Spray lightly with color.
  3. Once the first stripes have dried (about 10 minutes), lay your stencil across the opposite diagonal (as shown), and spray your color.

Assemble the boxe:

  1. Piping a thin “ring” of icing onto one of the large, full cookies. Add one cookie ring, then another line of icing and the second cookie “ring”. This completes the base of the “box”.
  2. Simply place the decorated lid on top of the “box” and you’re done! Feel free to add a ribbon around the stack of cookies to hold the lid in place, if desired. If you’re extra observant you may notice that in a few of the photos (in this post) the candies are piled above the edge of the cookie “box”. This is just for the photos. In order to have the lid sit flat on the box, make sure all of the treats inside are below the rim.

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