Easter Digging Bunny Truffle – Top Easy Snack Food Design For Cheap Party Decor

  1. Crush some Oreos by hand or with a food processor, mix in some cream cheese until you feel a soft and smooth mixture.
  2. Cover your hand with some butter, make Oreo balls.
  3. Melt some milk chocolate in microwave (30s in super low power & stir well before you repeat with another 30s, keep repeating until it completely melted)
  4. Dip the Oreo balls in melted milk chocolate, set aside.

To make the tails:

  1. Melt white chocolate, cover the marshmallow with white chocolate & sprinkles, set aside.

To make the foot:

  1. Cut a mini marshmallow into 2 half, draw a foot paw with pink gel food coloring.


  1. Stick the tails & 2 foot onto the Oreo balls with melted white chocolate & done!

Many thanks to http://highteawithdragons.com for image inspiration. Visit them for even more!

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