Easter Chocolate Chick – Top Easy Snack Food Decor For Cheap Party Design Project

  1. Melt the cooking chocolate and get a clean teaspoon ready
  2. Turn a clean, empty mug or bowl upside down (this bit’s important!)
  3. Place two orange buttons side by side on the upturned mug/bowl
  4. Using the teaspoon, put a small blob of melted chocolate behind the two buttons, where they meet
  5. Stick a cream egg on top, pointy end up
  6. Using the melted chocolate as glue stick on:
  7. Two white chocolate buttons for the eyes
    One orange button, cut into a triangle for the beak (keep the offcuts)
    Two milk chocolate buttons for the wings
    One milk chocolate button for the tail at the back
  8. Draw the pupils on with the icing pen.
  9. Allow the chicks to set and then free them from the bowl by turning it right way up again and filling with a little boiled water – carefully pull on the chick after a few seconds and it should come off whole.

Many thanks to http://www.amummytoo.co.uk Visit them for even more!

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