DIY Succulent In Pumpkin Pot – Top Easy Design Project For Thanksgiving Decor


  1. Begin by prepping your work space. You may want to lay down some butcher paper/newspaper to protect your work surface. Also, if working inside, make sure it’s a well ventilated area since you’re using spray adhesive.
  2. In small sections, spray the moss with an even layer of spray adhesive. Quickly place onto the top of the pumpkin {almost giving Mr. Pumpkin a hat!}, pressing down firmly, for a few seconds, to ensure that the moss sticks. Repeat the process with all of the pumpkins that you are decorating.
  3. Once your pumpkin tops are covered with a decent layer of moss, warm up your glue gun, and gather your succulent cuttings {making sure you have an assortment of colors and variety}.
  4. Now for the fun part! One-by-one, using your warmed up glue gun, glue the bottoms/ends of the succulent cuttings into the moss. Make sure you hold each piece, while gluing, for a few seconds so that it properly adheres.  Make sure that you are moving around Mr. Pumpkin, so that all sides are equally adorned and beautiful!  Don’t be afraid to use all sorts of succulent cuttings: different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. It only adds more interest and charm. Tuck pieces in as you go… making the top of the pumpkin full and vibrant!

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