DIY Rustic Twine Christmas Star – Top Easy Interior Design For Party Decor Project

  1. Lay 10 wood shims on a flat surface in a star pattern. Arrange the shims so a thin end on one shim rests on the thick end of another. At each place where the shims overlap, apply wood glue and press the shims together. Use weights, such as quart cans, to press the wood pieces together for two hours.
  2. Start at one point on the star and wrap twine around the frame until you reach the opposite side. Avoid putting too much tension on the twine. Keep the twine from slipping off by dabbing hot glue on strands at the back of the star. This also helps you work in stages.
  3. Cut a piece of twine about 8 inches long and tie a loop in the center. On the back of the star along one of the five points near the base, glue one loose end from the loop to each shim to hang the ornament.

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