DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap – Best Easy Homemade Craft Project For Thanksgiving

  1. First make your lye solution by adding your lye into the mixture of water and goat milk. Because adding lye causes the temperature to rise quickly, to prevent the milk from scalding, mix them together over a pan of ice and water. I also froze my milk, just to be sure, but if you are careful about mixing over ice, that shouldn’t be necessary. Your solution will probably turn slightly yellow; that is a normal reaction of goat milk and lye.
  2. Once your solution is thoroughly mixed, allow it to rest while you get together your other ingredients. We want the heating and cooling process to complete before adding the lye solution into the oils.
  3. Mix together your almond, coconut, and olive oil in a large bowl. If you don’t have almond oil, you can substitute it for 100g of one of the other oils.
  4. Prepare your molds by oiling them. You don’t need to use professional soap molds. My favorite mold is a silicone loaf pan, but I have also successfully used plastic food containers.
  5. Add the sugar and salt to the lye solution.
  6. Add the lye solution to the oil mixture, and gently mix them together.
  7. Once you have the lye solution incorporated into the oils, you can begin to carefully mix them together with a hand blender.
  8. While you can do this part by hand, it would take much longer. We are looking to have the mixture thicken up like mayonnaise.
  9. If your lye mixture is cold when you begin mixing them, it will take a little longer to get the mixture to thicken. That will give you a little extra working time, too, if you are new to soap making.
  10. Partway through the mixing process, begin to mix in the pumpkin pureé.
  11. You can also add in your essential oils or fragrance oils. Certain essential oils, like clove oil, will cause your soap to thicken much more quickly, so be prepared. The amount of oil you add will depend a lot upon the oils you use, and your personal taste for how fragrant you want your soap to be. I added in somewhere between 5-10ml of oils overall, using mostly clove essential oil, a little less cinnamon, and a little less ginger, because that is my order of preference for those oils. You can experiment here, and use your nose to help guide you. 😉 If you are using a pumpkin spice blend, it may have vanilla, which will darken your soap, so you may choose to add it to only the half of your soap with the spice mixture.
  12. Once you start to get to a thin mayonnaise like texture, separate out ⅓ to ½ of your mixture. You will be adding your spices to part of your soap, creating a swirled soap with two different colors.
  13. Add in your spices to the ⅓ to ½ that you separated out.
  14. Begin to pour about half of the un-spiced soap into your molds.
  15. Add a layer of the spiced soap, followed by the rest of the un-spiced, and finishing up with the rest of the spiced soap.
  16. Using a spoon or some other utensil, poke into the soaps, reaching for the bottom layer and pulling the soap out over top, trying to gently swirl the soaps in certain places. You can also zigzag your way through the soap in places, to have the soaps gently swirl together, without mixing them into each other.
  17. Once you are happy with your swirling, allow the soap to rest for at least 24 hours. Your soap will heat up during this time.
  18. After 24 hours, you can begin to gently unmold your soap, and cut your bars into your desired shapes.
  19. Let your soap continue to set, dry out and harden for about a month. To help the process, turn your soap every couple of days. Enjoy using it! It smells wonderful!!

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