DIY Ping Pong Ball Ghost Light – Top Cheap Easy Halloween Party Design Project

  1. Poke holes in the ping pong balls big enough for the light to fit through. It should fit easily, but snugly.
  2. Decorate your ghosts. Take them off the lights and use a black permanent marker to make your faces.
  3. Cut up your cheesecloth into 8×16″ rectangles and fold them in half to become 8×8″ squares
  4. Prepare your drying surface – egg cartons work well (I used two). Use some balls of masking tape – about 1″ tall – to attach the ping pong balls to the egg carton and give them a little more height above it. Then, line the egg cartons with wax paper. (Set aside some small squares of wax paper in case you need it later.)
  5. Dilute some Mod Podge with a little bit of water until you get a slightly runny consistency. For 10 gauze squares, I used about 5-6 tablespoons of mod podge with 2-3 teaspoons of water.
  6. Dip your gauze squares into the Mod Podge until it is saturated. Get your hands in there and wring out as much of the excess as you can. Place it on the ping pong ball, and smooth it out over top. Here’s where you need to make sure the sticky gauze isn’t touching anything except the ping pong ball and wax paper – especially other gauze from a neighboring ghost. Use those little squares of wax paper to help. Let them dry for at least 24 hours.
  7. Add the light & done!

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