DIY Jellyfish Kid Halloween Costume – Top Cheap Craft Design & Easy Party Project


  1. Zig zag the fairy lights up and down the metal poles of the inside of the umbrella and use packing tape to secure in place. Make sure to leave enough length on the backside of the umbrella for the wire to trail down and plug into the battery pack on the waist.
  2. Cut mesh tubing, glitter tulle, feather boa into lengths just shy of touching the floor when your child is holding the umbrella. Cut the tulle strips in half so they are skinnier pieces.
  3. Cut the pipe cleaners in half. Form each piece into a circle and twist in place, making a chain of loops.
  4. Staple or hot glue the ribbons, boas, tulle strips, mesh tubing, and pipe cleaner chains to the bottom rim of the umbrella. Add the opalescent garland around the outside of the umbrella’s bottom rim to give a more finished look.
  5. Cut 3’ pieces of tulle and glitter tulle to make the skirt. Fold each strip of tulle in half and knot around a piece of elastic that fits your child’s waist. Tie the bottoms of the tulle strips to a second, smaller loop of elastic to fit your child’s thighs so the tulle will bubble out.
  6. Glue 2’ pieces of white & opalescent ribbon to a piece of elastic that fits your child’s waist to form a skirt of ribbons.
  7. Dress your child in white pants or tights and white top. Then dress them in the skirt of ribbons, followed by the tulle bubble skirt. Attach the battery pack to the back of the waistband and hand them the jellyfish umbrella to hold. Plug in the lights and hit the streets to trick or treat!

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