DIY Flying Handkerchief Ghost – Top Easy Homemade Design Idea For Halloween


  1. Making ghost mold by toilet paper roll, metal wire as ghost’s arm & stuck a ball of newspaper onto the toilet paper roll as the ghost’s head.
  2. Stack the toilet paper roll mold on top of 1 plastic bottle [water filled], cover all with plastic foil [will help the handkerchief comes off easily].
  3. Mix the wallpaper glue and soak the handkerchief in it. Place the ghost mold on a working surface covered with old paper for the mess it could make to your floor. Make sure the fabric is completely wet and hang it over the mold.
  4. When the handkerchief is in place, you can easily make creases and wrinkles in the fabric. Then set the ghosts aside for drying. Please be patient! It takes a few days for the glue to dry.
  5. When the glue is completely dry, it is easy to peel off the fabric. Thread a string through the head of the ghost and hang it up!

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