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Turkey Burger with Spicy Herb Butter – Best Healthy & Low Calorie Fast Food Idea

Yield 6 Ingredients: 1 1/2 lb. ground turkey Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1/4 cup chicken stock, or as needed Vegetable oil for grill 6 sandwich rolls, splited, or 12 white bread slices Melted unsalted butter for brushing 1/2 iceberg or romaine lettuce head, shredded Dill pickle slices for serving Chutney for…

top-18-patriotic-garden-design-ideas-easy-july-4th-holiday-backyard-decor-project (9)

Top 18 Patriotic Garden Design Ideas – Easy July 4th Holiday Backyard Decor Project

1. DIY July 4th Tin Can Windsock, we found a step-by-step instruction here, visit the link on the image if you like to. 2. Old garden fence & some little decoration, white paint, sand paper. Image from: 3. Paper cup for a beautiful wreath. Image from: 4. Garden rock & some paint, so…


DIY July 4th Bug-Away Candle Holder – Top Easy Patriotic Holiday Design Project

What You'll Need: 2 pounds rice Red food coloring Blue food coloring Lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, or citronella essential oil 3 small bowls 2 sheet trays Parchment paper 4 small glass votives 4 tea candles Rubber gloves (optional) Directions: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post To create the colorful rice, place a sheet tray…


July 4th Holiday Gumdrop – Best Easy Spring & Patriotic Party Snack Food Project

INGREDIENTS Step 1 - Gelatin Mixture 3 envelopes plain gelatin (about 2 tbsp gelatin powder) 1/2 cup cold water Step 2 - Sugar Syrup 3/4 cup water 2 cups sugar Food coloring Extracts (I used peppermint, orange, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla and rum) Additional sugar for finishing the gumdrops DIRECTIONS ...Click on Arrow Button to read…


July 4th Firework Cupcake – Top Easy Design For Patriotic Holiday Party Decor Project

INGREDIENTS 1 package store-bought cupcake [or homemade with your favorite recipe, or try this Orange Cupcake recipe] Almond bark + Red, blue food coloring [or colored candy melt] White sugar crystal Red, white, blue sparkle candy Frosting [store-bought or homemade with this Cream Cheese-Whipped Cream Frosting¬†recipe] Ziploc bag Wax paper Scissors INSTRUCTIONS ...Click on Arrow…


DIY July 4th Holiday Ribbon Flip Flop – Top Easy Patriotic & Spring Design Project

Supplies: 1 pair of flip-flop [ better in red/blue/white color] Red, white, blue ribbon or cotton fabric stribs in red, white, blue color Scissors Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Cut out a-lot of red, white, blue ribbon strips or cotton fabric strips Tie them on to your flip-flop & rush them…


Patriotic Yogurt Popsicle – Best Calorie Diet Treat & Food For July 4th Holiday Party

Ingredients: 1 heaping cup raspberries 1 cup blueberries 1 cup vanilla flavored Greek yogurt INSTRUCTIONS ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Using a small 4 cup food processor, or blender, puree the raspberries until smooth. Set aside. Do the same with the blueberries. (If your blueberries are super purple, add a little blue…

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Top 19 Homemade Patriotic Holiday Party Designs – Cheap Easy July 4th Project Idea

01. July 4th Holiday Meat Pie - Good Snack To Work & Top Best Patriot Party Food Design from DIYCraft 2. Image from: 3. Source: 4. Source: 5. Source: 6. Image from: 7. Source: 8. Source: 9.¬†Patriotic Cheesecake In Waffle Bowl - Best Fast Healthy July 4th Holiday…

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Top 17 July 4th & Patriot Holiday Nail Designs – New & Famous Fashion Manicure

1. Image from: 2. Image from: 3. Image from: 4. Image from: 5. Image from: 6. Image from: 7. 8. 9. Image from: 10. Image from: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post 11. Image from: 12. Image from: 13. Image from: 14.…

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