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DIY Mason Jar Halloween Luminaries – Top Easy Kid Decor & Craft Design Project

Supplies: Glass jar with a lid Martha Stewart Decoupage Medium or Mod Podge Outdoor Paint brush Colored tissue paper or napkins Black Duct Tape Wax paper Cricut Mini Cutting Machine (or scissors) Battery powered tealight Directions Click on Arrow Button to read full post   Cover your jar with purple tissue paper and an orange napkin…


DIY Ping Pong Ball Ghost Light – Top Cheap Easy Halloween Party Design Project

Supplies: Ping Pong balls (I used 10) 1 strand of plain white Christmas lights, regular or LED (I used a strand of 20 lights) Mod Podge Permanent Marker Loose-woven cheesecloth or 4×4″ 8-ply Gauze pads (be sure it’s regular cotton gauze) Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Poke holes in the ping…


DIY Jellyfish Kid Halloween Costume – Top Cheap Craft Design & Easy Party Project

Materials Clear kids’ umbrella LED fairy lights White & iridescent ribbons (we found ours at Michaels) Iridescent mesh tubing White feather boa Iridescent garland Iridescent pipe cleaners White & glitter tulle White long sleeve tshirt White stretch pants or tights 3 yards ⅜” elastic Stapler & staples Packing tape Scissors Instruction Click on Arrow Button…

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