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DIY Ping Pong Ball Ghost Light – Top Cheap Easy Halloween Party Design Project

Supplies: Ping Pong balls (I used 10) 1 strand of plain white Christmas lights, regular or LED (I used a strand of 20 lights) Mod Podge Permanent Marker Loose-woven cheesecloth or 4×4″ 8-ply Gauze pads (be sure it’s regular cotton gauze) Instruction: ...Click on Arrow Button to read full post Poke holes in the ping…


DIY Jellyfish Kid Halloween Costume – Top Cheap Craft Design & Easy Party Project

Materials Clear kids’ umbrella LED fairy lights White & iridescent ribbons (we found ours at Michaels) Iridescent mesh tubing White feather boa Iridescent garland Iridescent pipe cleaners White & glitter tulle White long sleeve tshirt White stretch pants or tights 3 yards ⅜” elastic Stapler & staples Packing tape Scissors Instruction Click on Arrow Button…

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